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  • Seeing the limitations of current Text object, a need for more advanced features has arisen. While Text object fulfills most basic needs and is ideal for displaying simple text, it leaves much to be desired. To fill the void, a separate Advanced Text Object plugin would greatly enhance Construct's potential.

    Consider these features:

    • In-line formatting - bold, italic, etc. for some words, letters within the string, as well as colors (using special in-line expressions or an advanced text editor)
    • Enhanced character and font support - Support alternative fonts, character sets (Unicode, Arabian - including right-to-left stuff, Japanese/Chinese) etc.
    • Enhanced customization options - rotation, flipping, filterable etc for all sorts of neat effects. Enable customization of each line or character (fading, scrolling lines etc.). Not really necessary.

    It probably would be slower, but hey, that's the price we are willing to pay for features! I have a console-like screen on my mind, as well, but mainly a huge potential for roguelikes.

  • I think its pretty much planed for 2.0, well at least the unicode stuff is.. I think.

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  • Yes, but 2.0 is much farther than plugins for 1.0

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