Replace Objects for selected events

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  • Currently working on a quick 4 player multiplayer game and having to set up all events for 4 players is a pain in the nuts.

    It'd be awesome if we could select a couple of events, just right click -> Replace Objects, a menu would pop up, we'd select the objects we wanna replace and the objects we want to replace them with, done.

    Right now I'm just going through all that shit one by one, just manhandling it, but it takes away a LOT of time, especially if it's 4-8 players.

    On a sidenote - The X360 Controller Plugin definitely needs an option for 8 players again. Wanna play that game in the studio with 8 players on a couch! YAY!

  • Not sure what specifically you're trying to do but can't you do that kind of thing with functions? You would just have to pass in the player ID or something whenever you call the function.

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  • No, in Click development suites, there is an in-editor menu option that will take all the events that pertain to one object and switch it with another.

    So, given objects A, B, and C, if there is events that involve objects A and B, and object B is replaced by C, then all those events we had earlier now involve objects A and C. (I think thats what hes talking about)

    This could be a useful feature.

  • There is a Find and Replace feature on the event sheet ribbon, but it does not yet appear to be complete. If you use object names it will only properly replace them if you've typed them manually in expressions, it seems. Built-in conditions are glitchy and won't change properly. If you look at the condition it will have switched from the Default selection to the Use Expression selection, and will have blanked out the info.

  • I would love this feature

  • I would use this feature all the time.

  • I know it's kludgey, but I desperately need this feature.

    I want to be able to select multiple conditions/events and change the involved objects/variables, instead of having to roll back and forth through the menus for every single one.

    In this case, I need to make a third iteration of this entire chart below, but with 'Last3' instead of 'Last2' and 'LastEvent13' instead of LastEvent12:

    <img src="">

    I already did the Last1 to Last2 copy manually and it took forever.

  • Yes oh yes. Everything that takes away repetition is incredibly wonderful.

  • I just tried Find and Replace and it died

    But if it were to work, at least for the Conditions, it would be perfect. The actions, however, gave me nothing because they are hardcoded selections rather than being data entered.

  • Hey GoldMatenes... instead of all those events why don't you do something like

    + Whatever condition
      -> LastEvent12: Load frame from AppPath & "Tiles/" & .Value('Last2') & ".png"
    Of course this is just a simple example, and it would require you to either use names in your variables instead of numbers, or change your frame names to numbers.
    Of course if you don't want to change either you could have it read from an .ini file to match the numbers with the names or something, by adding an extra action.  That way the only thing you have to change is the contents of your .ini file if you need to create a new list to draw from.  At any rate it would cut down on a lot of repetitive events.
  • I know there are better methods, but I've been having serious issues with ini coding and with animation frames, which seem to have a mind of their own.

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