Reducing compile times by temporarily reducing sprite sizes

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  • Hi! Been lurking for a while and decided to try and contribute an idea in a first post

    I've searched and haven't found anything on this, apologies if it's been discussed before...

    Build times seem to increase quite a bit as soon as you start adding artwork to a game.

    Would it be possible to add an option to globally reduce bitmap dimensions (temporarily) to lower mip-levels for faster compile times and quick iteration. So basically it would only export the images at 50% or 25% resolutions etc while testing gameplay tweaks.

  • The majority of build time is spent loading the textures in the application. However, if no textures change, Construct uses a cached version of the loaded textures, so it can basically skip that step, and previewing is much faster. You should be able to notice this if you edit an image, then try previewing the application twice - the second time should be faster.

    However, if you change an image, all textures are re-loaded. This could be improved, but probably not before Construct 2.

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  • Ah so that's how it works, when I don't tweak any sprites it does load fast. Totally makes sense now, thanks!

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