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  • Alright. You guys all know how these recruitment threads go. There is always this 14 year old "Idea Guy" asking you to basically make his game for him. I'm not that guy. I'm 25, and more importantly, you all know I have already produced results. You know what Void Runner is, and if you don't, this next paragraph is a summary to get you up to speed.

    Void Runner is a science fiction survival game set in a procedurally generated universe. You can fly around in space, land on planets, and explore their surfaces as well as go underground. Each star system and planet is persistently generated from a universal seed. Furthermore, you can go inside of your ship and mess with the internal wiring, power systems, data systems, and so forth. You can board enemy ships, or stations, and mess with the wiring there as well. Boarding enemy ships and taking them down from the inside is a viable option, as well as simply shooting them from the outside. There will be pictures, movies, and cookies at the end of the thread for your convenience.

    A lot of the game is already complete. Most of you are familiar with my plugins, and the work I've done to help the community, so I'd like to believe I have more credibility here than some new guy. I'm not an idea guy - I'm a results guy.

    The problem is logistics. Up until now, I've been working in a two man team, which was a problem in and of itself - I plan on increasing that to four people - two people on code and logic, and two artists. One of us was an artist, but he is no longer working on the project. I need a new one, but more importantly, I need new eyes on this code. I need someone to work with me on Void Runner's logic - the events, and the internal cap structure. There's a lot of work left to do. So that's it really. I need an artist, and I need someone very familiar with Construct to help me with logic. There is a lot of custom plugins at work here that you will need to be familiar with, but you will not need to touch one line of C++ code if you do not want to. I can handle that, but it would definitely be a plus if you could.

    This work will not be paid, unless we sell the game, and then it will be in royalties. You would be working for the chance to work on something this grand in scale. Void Runner is truly ambitious, and while it MUST be completed, I can't do it alone anymore. This is your chance to get in on the action, and work as a team on a project with an actual future.

    So that's it. Help me out. It will be fun. You will get to work with some mind blowingly awesome stuff. The game is already well on it's way to completion, and I'm sure some of you want to peek at the gigantic 25 megabyte cap file this has created! I'd also like to clarify that you'd be working with me, not under me. So join up! I need you! Void Runner needs you! This post may be edited in the future to clarify some points. Reply or message me if you are interested. Bonus points if you have a history of Construct development. Here comes the media!

    <img src="http://content.screencast.com/users/Arsonide/folders/Jing/media/9caa1314-4c76-4056-97e0-1b15584b9a62/2010-11-18_0507.png" border="0">

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  • I am an artist, i'm not seeking the money but i would like to help you.

    Actually, i don't know what you want the style.

    If you need to see my works, pm me

  • Well as you said it MUST be done, so I'll help if I can.

    Question: Are you going for top down, or platform on the planetside?

  • If I can get a team together, we should probably stick with what we've got. Top down. Things gotta get done. No large overhauls.

  • I could make some graphics, if you want.

  • what exactly do you need done? how can multiple people work on the same code

  • Right now newt designs demo caps based on the main cap, and once they function, I integrate them into the main cap file. More than two coders would probably get pretty crowded.

    We are just working on getting something functional out to the public, and I could use help doing so. I'm tired of Void Runner being a proof of concept half done in my Dropbox. It's huge, and deserves to be experienced.

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  • This does look really really cool.

    What kind of art style are you thinking of? Or are you open to interpretation?

  • Void runner looks awesome, but alas I've just started playing around with construct. So I'm guessing the idea will be that the ships will get damaged and so the internals have to be repaired, you could even bypass some damaged systems as a "jury rig"

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