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  • this would be pretty useful for sprite recolours, basically, you give it a hue,sat,lum value that you would like too recolor, and then you give it another HSL color that youd like it too recolor too. (rgb could work 2)

    then theres extra parameters like hue tolerance, saturation tolerance, and lum tolerance, these values tell the effect to recolor color A's h,s,l, values neighbors (lets say same hue but diff lum or sat colored pixels would be a hue tolerance of 0, and sat/lum tols of 255 ) to the resulting transformation from color A to color B.

    bassically the tolerance allows the effect to change the colours which are in the range of the tolerances, these must be HSL to allow for easy recoloring. giving a tolerance of 0 would make the effect only change that resulting parameters (H,S or L) of color A. giving a value of lets say 255 would make the effect change any hue,sat or lum in the resulting parameters hsl.

    its hard to explain but i think you get the point. this effect would be usefull for anything pixel art, or with a unified color scheme, but mostly PA.

  • This would be good.

    Just a Hue/Saturation effect would be really useful as well.

  • Until then, make your sprite grayscale and use a color filter.

  • I'm pretty sure what you're getting at, so I whipped up a quick little effect(PS2 only, sorry) that will tint the colors within a certain limit the desired color:

    Recolor Section

    It comes with an example CAP, and that should explain it. But just in case, this is how it works. First you will put in the desired color you would like certain parts to be tinted. Then you will put in the color you would to replace, or at least a close approximation. Then you can change the tolerence to color more/less around the color you are replacing, for example: a tolerence of zero would replace exactly one color, while a tolerence of 20 will replace that color and colors within the general vacinity.

    I know you said it should use HSL, but due to my limited knowledge of this stuff(it took me a while just to get it working as is), it uses RGB, which makes it less user friendly, but it whould work until something better comes along.

    I hope you all find this useful.

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  • wow, linkman is amazing, i see him becoming one of the ig extension maker fors construct, kinda like LIJI

  • wow, linkman is amazing, i see him becoming one of the ig extension maker fors construct, kinda like LIJI

    Thanks, glad you like it. This one was mostly from scratch, though.

  • well, i cant do it at all, so you cant be that bad, this effect is pretty good, the only slight problem is its not recolouring the colour, its tinting that ceratain colour, but you could always make youre recolourable sprites out of grey if u wanted 2 to counteract this problem, it just doesnt recolour coloured sprites perfectly, but its still quite usefull

  • I could easily change it to where where it merely recolors something instead of tinting it(that's what it did originally), I just thought it might me more useful if you could get different levels of color based on the original color of the object.

  • Well, that's why HSL color model with tolerances would be useful. You could recolor the colors in the tolerances, and you could just recolor the hue, saturation or luminance. You could control the each channel separately, and you could perform effects like tinting, but also a lot more.

  • Could you please repost the download link for the .cap that you posted, Linkman? It sends me to a page where I can download the IOJ client but I don't see any option to download your file.


  • Sorry, I got your PM and I forgot to go looking for it. Here it is: Recolor effect

  • Thank you very much!

    I wanted to give players the ability to choose the colors for different parts of their outfit, and this cap immediately came to mind.

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