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  • Hey lads.

    I constantly have trouble in the event editor selecting/deselecting events and so on, and to me, quick edit seems to add another troublesome layer to the process.

    When working in the event editor, quick edit can open unexpectedly in the middle of moving events or copying etc and bad things can happen. In trying to deselect the quick edit, perhaps you hit new event/action, and it can cause construct to crash.

    It seems like a unnecessary complication, on top of it causing event sheet mishaps and awkwardness, my actions are more often than not much longer than the quick edit will fit...

    In the build up to 1.0 I think it could be beneficial to the stability and functionality of Construct to disable this function entirely.

  • In a very unprofessional response: Hell no.

    I love that feature and it at least streamlines the process for me. I got used to where I should click to not make it start, and getting accustomed to that more than makes up for it. Have you used Construct for very long (and did you use MMF before)?

    As an aside, in terms of Event Sheet bugs I think the "random selecting of lots of events" and "seeing the text in an action in chronological view is iffy" are more pressing issues.

    EDIT: Wait, it's YOU!

  • Is this a really bad idea/very hard to implement, or would it be quite cool to be able to switch between editing normally (like it is now) and being able to see the event sheet in just text? (like a script). That would be a bit like quick edit, but you can change multiple lines without opening and closing different expressions.

    I understand construct doesn't want to be a scripting engine. But just throwing the idea out there as its something I think would speed up development quite a lot.

    Also I understand that construct "code" probably doesn't translate to just text very well, and maybe construct would have to re-compile the event sheet every time you close the "text edit" mode - So maybe its counter productive... dunno

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  • Support above scripting is faster for those that are programmers and non-programmers don't need it so it won't affect them at all

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