Random Maze Tutorial - Preview

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  • The first of the Random Maze Tutorials is nearly ready for release.

    I just have to finish off a few things first.

    Should be finished by the end of the week.

    This first one will focus on a simple algorithm for creating random mazes, going into detail about how the coder should approach the tasks, before allowing you to set the size of a maze and watch it being generated.

    As you can see from the screenshots, as well as the size of the maze, you can control the speed of the generation and the zoom level.

    You can also decide to have the camera follow Pacman (who's kindly volunteered to carve out our maze for us), or have control of the camera with the right mouse button.

    I should point out that originally I'd planned to release this as a documented .cap file, but during the changeover from 0-based arrays to 1-based arrays, I decided to start again without using arrays (to save waiting) and the program uses detection instead.

    As this isn't a method that anyone would use when creating a maze for their game, there is no value in releasing the .cap.

    Because of this, I've made the tutorial very detailed on the specific aspects of maze creation, with plenty of diagrams, so as long you're comfortable using arrays there's no reason why you'd need the cap file anyway.


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  • I have to say that I am looking forward to this!

  • Sounds great, hope you get it soon finished.

  • Looks cool I'm sure some people would still benefit from a .cap.

  • The second screenshot looks cute, haha.

  • I'd like to see a .cap file either way... I'm not all that flash at using arrays myself so something like this would be perfect for me and many others I can think of.

    Can't wait to see this!


  • Sorry for the delay guys.

    I've been swamped for the past week, and when I did get some time to finish it today, I came across a Construct bug which seemed to affect the enabling/disabling of groups (which I can't seem to reproduce now).

    Anyway, it's pretty much finished, so it should be up in the next 24 hours.

    Tutorial #2 should follow in days, because it's basically a way of optimising the algorithm, which is important for larger mazes.



  • For those who haven't noticed yet, the tutorial is out.

    You can find the thread in the tutorial section.



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