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  • I was browsing around my harddrive today and I noticed a folder in Construct called "snippets". Inside was a text file called "simple rotation", and as you would expect it was a small piece of code that rotates a sprite.

    I checked some of the older versions of Construct and they have the same thing, but I can't seem to find how it is accessed in the program itself. Was this a feature that was planned in the beginning and phased out in favor of something else, or is it just something that nobody seems to use?

    I'm curious because there's another game-making program in development called "Stencyl", and the biggest feature that they promote is their "snippets". The idea is that if you want to make a fireball you would add a "bounce" snippet, a "damage" snippet, etc. They first proposed this idea back in December of 2007.

    It's hard to tell from just one line, but they seem like similar concepts and the names are exactly the same. Did somebody from the Construct team move to Stencyl and take the idea with them, or is it just a strange coincidence?


  • These are Python snippets, in the Python editor .

    Python doesn't work fully at the moment, but soon enough these will become useful.

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  • These are Python snippets, in the Python editor .

    Ohhhh. Okay.

    And here I thought the people at Stencyl were stealing from you...

  • With their 'stealth mode' program, I wouldn't be surprised .


    Note: if you are reading this several months later and feel inclined to take it as anything more than completely tongue in cheek humor, then please don't. We're a very open community who embrace other development programs (we're open source), so the more the merrier..

    Infact, I can't see how this could possibly cause any confusion.. snippets are a term ubiquitous to so many software projects, it'd be absurd to imply seriously that an open-source piece of software could somehow have something stolen from it at all, let alone something which is used in such a widespread fashion. Well.. back to work.

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