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  • Hi, everyone.

    I decided to make a thread about "features" that are useful, or simply cool, but that are either difficult to implement (to the point of rewriting Construct from scratch to make them possible), or simply have very low priority until Construct 1.0 is out. Features that only a few people would benefit from can also go here, I guess.

    To get things going, here's a couple ideas I came up with.

    Feature-based programming

    Okay, proper explanation of this would take a while to write, and an even longer while for anyone to read. The idea is that we have packages like "Double jumping", "Swimming" and so on. Similar to behaviors, but affecting more than one object, or modifying other events, or in some other way outside of what behaviors can do.

    Tiled picture plugin

    (This is somewhat different from the plugin for tileset support that is currently in the works.)

    Remember old consoles that had all the graphics sliced up into 8x8 parts and basically shown as a mosaic? This can be done with a pixel shader using only two textures (a tile atlas and a tile index matrix). This way the whole level (all the platforms, walls, or whatever you have there) can be drawn as one batch. Also it can help with collision detection (say, use the tile index matrix as a collision mask).

    Assembler compiler

    So you want to have some complex math in your game, but can't write another plugin just for that? Have no fear, Assembler object will help you! Just write your function in, say, L.in.oleum, and Construct will compile it for you. Linoleum is fast, so you can make all kinds of fancy staff without fear of slowdown. Well, the slight problem is that assembler is damned tough to learn, but Linoleum seems way more readable and understandable then regular assembler.

    Translate games to ZGameEditor

    Okay, some of you might know that there's a tool called ZGameEditor that can be used to make games that are less then 100k in size. Procedural generation and all that. Well, it cannot rival full version of .werkkzeug (as in, you can't make another .kkrieger with it), but it's free and open-source. However, when I tried it, I found it quite hard to use. What if it is possible to translate Construct games (or at least a limited subset thereof) from .cap format to the format ZGameEditor uses? Use user-friendly Construct to make them, and computer-friendly ZGameEditor to cram them into the smallest size possible and make them run faster (I think that ZGameEditor uses some kind of assembler voodoo magic to make the games run fast).

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