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  • Hello,

    I was wondering why did you guys choose python instead of C (yes i know the difference. python was interpret), take the example like Lite-C, their purpose was to let people learn and exercises based on video game. I hope the next version of Construct will have OpenGL and what is the difference between "Constrcut" and "Construct 2" ? Who have the idea to create construct and why?


    PS: i post here the pm i send to Ash for hoping he will answer

  • Hey knuckle. Didn't you just post this, here - ?

    Probably better to just reply to that, rather than start a new thread.

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  • Hey knuckle. Didn't you just post this, here - ?

    Probably better to just reply to that, rather than start a new thread.

    Oups sorry , but the other thread no one answer me.

  • Python is a well-known and powerful scripting language. C is a compiled systems programming language, so using some kind of C interpreter would be confusing (is it compiling or interpreting? Most people would expect it to compile). Also, C is full of unnecessary technical details like pointers and memory allocation which is the exact opposite of what Construct is trying to achieve.

    Construct 2 is still in the being-vaguely-planned-in-my-head stage, so it's hard to say anything concrete about it.

  • then which one among you have the idea to create construct and why (question for administrator)? Beside i don't think the language C is full of unnecessary technical since each of them have their own utility. The FPS (frame per second) is less performed because of interpreted language like python and it would be better to give a new choice if they want to learn programming orienting game.

  • Seriously, it is not because the language that most projects experience performance issues... It is how efficient your code is. If you choose to spawn thousands of sprites on the same screen, all rendered with several 2.0 pixel shader effects, then not even the most core language is going to help your appetite.

    Keep developing games, with time and experience you will learn to optimize your code to get the most from any engine that you work with. Most of those optimizations are engine independent, by the way - they are basic programming principles taught in schools.

    Among the reasons for low performance, choice of the core language (whether interpreted or compiled) amounts for a very small part of it.

  • Hello

    I'm not sure but this could help with directx > opengl code conversion

    other than something like this WINE or manual conversion by typing functions into google would probably be the only simple solutions to cross platform support

    just a suggestion

  • Thanks for the tips (hint)

    I think that would also help ash's team for built construct 2 into crossplatform.

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