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  • Hey all,

    I've noticed that, as far as tutorials go, python scripting is rather lacking. I have a few general questions- first and foremost, is a basic scripting reference planned as part of the Construct documentation for 1.0? Second, is it possible to include the pygame module set in Construct scripting? I expect the answer to this last is 'no, it's not necessary anyway' but I guess I'm just confused as to how exactly python communicates with Construct in terms of syntax/commands. Is there a Construct-specific commandset, or is the scripting all derived from the general language that can be learned with the help of tutorials on


  • python doesn't work right now, the other questions I can't really answer.

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  • Is python really completely inoperable? I wonder how high it is on Scirra's bugfix priority level; I'm a bit of a code-monkey and the python issue has me on the fence over whether or not I should commit to Construct just yet...

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