Is python important to know?

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  • Just wondering, is it important to know python to use construct. I have spent the last year learning the similarly awesome "Lua", and I wanted to know if it is worth learning a new language primarily for construct use. Hopefully it is close enough to Lua that I wont have to go insane learning a new language. Also, what are some good books/sites for beginning python? Thanks, sorry for the amazing amount of questions

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  • You can write many wonderful games without Python. So I suggest to do not double your efforts and lean Construct first. Then add Python as needed.

    BTW Python is not hard to learn at all, so do not worry.

  • Thanks for responding so quickly! I will dedicate myself to construct first off, and move on from there. What is a good first project, if you don't mind my asking?

  • I started making my own min projects. Moving things, checking collisions. I am a big fan about starting small. My fist game is done I am just making graphics for it now and i have only been here a week.

    Ghost shooter tutorial is a very complete tutorial. Do the reading one not the video. ... =Tutorials

    Here is a fun mini platform video demo. It is not s full tutorial but very informative.

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    Also I am VERY excited about deadeye making a new platform school tutorial. The one posted is outdated but he is amazing at platforms, and is updating it.

    ... any hint on time frame deadeye? Fans await

  • ... any hint on time frame deadeye? Fans await

    Soon, hopefully. Patience

  • back to the original topic

    to put it another way

    almost no one here knows python

  • back to the original topic

    to put it another way

    almost no one here knows python

    Good way to put it

  • Yeah, I guess people who know Python prefer to develop games with Pygame and stuff, since it gives them more freedom.

    Also, why do I have the feeling of deja vu? I'm sure I've said a similar statement somewhere on these forums...

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