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  • A few requests for the Python editor.

    Change the font to a fixed width font, such as Courier New or Lucida Console. I also think the font should be a little bigger, 10 pixels or so. I don't use clear type on my monitor, so anything 10 pixels or larger is easier to read.

    The list on the right is case sensitive. This is a bit annoying, and most programming editors are not case sensitive.

    Add buttons to import and export .py source files. Perhaps just add a toolbar? The toolbar can have common buttons, plus programming specific buttons such as increase / decrease indent and comment out a block of code.

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  • Great suggestions!

    I want to take the opportunity to also suggest to limit the size of the script window in the event tab. My current project have a huge one. Would be nice if it only, optional for the user of course, showed the first 10 lines of code.

    And the indentation is lost when it is shown in the events. Makes it hard to see what's going on without opening the editor.

  • Actually, as far as Organization goes, it'd be good to be able to set how many lines you want to show. In my case, it would be four, as the first four lines of my script are comments to say what this particular one does or cite sources if I'm using someone elses code.

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