Proposal: Weekly Themed Competition

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  • I was thinking it would be cool for there to be a weekly themed competition. It would be fun for the community and we would get to show off some of Construct's cool features and abilities. These could be either small games or just tech demos. Examples of themes could be:

    Weather (Rain, Snow, whatever)

    Plants Are Alive (Moving plants)

    Boss Fight (The most creative and fun boss fight)

    In The Dark (Lighting)

    Fish In The Sea (Underwater game)

    I just thought I'd put this on the table in case anyone wants to do this at some point. You could modify how it would work, but I think having something every one or two weeks would be good.

  • We did this for a while and people got burned out on it rather quickly. I think that once a week is just too often. Perhaps a monthly competition would be good. How about once a month, two days to compete, and two days to judge?

  • Sounds fun, though I'm far from contributing. But as deadeye mentioned once per month sounds more reasonable.

    It should also be taken into account that challenges should focus more on game mechanics and ideas than on animation (you mentioned moving plants), because drawing spites is a lot of work to look good and it would be a shame if one has to throw them away after the challenge.

    Perhaps a challenge could even give already made sprites to work with, since it would be not commercial I guess that would be no problem? I just found the Prince of Presia sprites on the net...looking really fine.

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  • I agree with both of you mostly. Actually, with the plants, I didn't mean animation as much as just using plugins and effects.

    Once a month sounds good. Originally I was thinking that someone could take most of the week to make something so they wouldn't have to cram in a lot of work all at once, but once a month still might be better. I'm sure most people are busy with their own projects too.

    As for using ripped sprites, I'm not exactly in favor of that because no one can legally use ripped sprites even for non-commerical stuff.

  • Ok I agree with the sprites, but I guess there are a few (a lot) sprites for free use out there. I defend this idea mostly because of my my drawing skills

  • I vote for monthly or every two months. Definitely allow other graphics (there are a bunch of freeware graphics available). I think every two months may be the minimum otherwise people will get burned out.

    I can't remember what happened to the last contest that was going to be hosted end of last year... it just seemed to disappear.

  • These forums feel relatively quiet. Here's what I'm getting from this:

    Once every month or two.

    People can (read: should IMO) use free for use (noncommercial or commercial use I suppose) art off the internet.

  • We did this for a while and people got burned out on it rather quickly. I think that once a week is just too often. Perhaps a monthly competition would be good.

    Were those weekly competitions based around making small games are just merely a mechanic like Mr wolf said?

    Because I think people wouldn't get so burned out if it was just around a small mechanic. I'd be totally up for that.

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