Procedural Generation - Is it possible?

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  • I was wondering if you guys knew anything about procedurally generating things in Construct such as dungeons and caves. I feel like I have a good enough grasp on Construct to do it but I don't know much about how such things work. If someone knows how, please enlighten me.

  • here's a dungeon/maze generator with events:

    here's a plugin that does it for you:

    small procedurally generated 3d terrain:

    and just for good measure, procedurally generated space sim WIP:

    and procedurally generated animation:



    The perlin noise was definitely exactly what I wanted. I remember doing the same thing in C++ a few years back. I didn't think it would be this easy. The procedural animation was also probably the coolest thing I've seen done in construct. Thanks a lot man, I finally have motivation to continue my game! Yay!


    I'm planning on creating large cave systems for my game, and my method was to make an array of objects and make them invisible if the noise is low enough, but to satisfy the size I want the caves to be I would have to have tons of objects in an array. Right now I have an array of 30x15ish and if you look at the image below, it's way too small. Is there some other method of doing it that doesn't involve having hundreds/thousands of objects in an array?

    Uploaded with

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  • Construct is actually pretty good at handling big arrays. If you're talking a mahusive cave system, and you're worried about the amount of sprites at one time killing your framerate, try getting it to create a sprite only when that part of the cave is on-screen and destroy it when its offscreen. I made something like that ages ago, but for the life of me I can't remember where I put it or how I did it... But it did work quite well.

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