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  • I'm not sure if this is really possible, or if it's even needed... but I had a thought (yes it hurt).

    A prefab library.

    If I create something, say a complex object made of several 3D boxes, like a building for example... would it possible to export the object as a whole, say, using a container to determine the exported object(s), into a "library" which can be loaded/accessed on a per .cap basis?

    This would be really handy for designing really complicated objects, effects, and other cool stuff on a blank .cap file, then "import" it into your full project or projects. These objects would be permanently stored in a prefab library, and could be shared amongst the community by uploading (for example) a "library object".

    It would be sweet if the exported objects could also retain any event code linked to those objects in the event editor, so things like explosion effects, or similar creations would not have to be re-coded once imported.

    This can all probably be done via copy/paste etc, but this would help streamline the creation process somewhat, and allow for a less cluttered build environment when you are just trying to play around with an idea, but don't necissarily want to have to rebuild it into your full project.


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  • I currently solve this by just copying important things into a new cap.

    But I agree a better grouping solution would be handy. Maybe even expanding the resource system.

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