possibly strange aspect ratio question

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  • Hi all, nice to see there are still users of this beast of a tool!

    Ok, so I have a weird question regarding aspect ratio padding.

    I am planning out a vertical scrolling shooting game, however arcade games of this type have a narrow window size,

    now, obviously if I just set the window size to this ratio, all is good, but if I go full screen on a 16:9 monitor, there is a lot of black space left and right of the window if it is displayed without stretching, which would look ridiculous, so was wondering if there was any way of adding some still image left and right of this so it looks something like this..

    now, the problem lies with multiple 4:3 ratios and multiple resolutions, basically the most important thing is the play area and the side images are just there to fill dead space..

    I imagine there is no way of doing this if my layout is just built to the window size, so, I am wondering if there is anyway of making sure my layout is centered over all resolutions....

    Any advice is greatly appreciated as always!

  • There are some tutorial on this, maybe start here https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/73/sup%20...%20reen-sizes. Basically yes just fill out the unused area and use the correct fullscreen mode.

  • thanks..seems a lot of those functions are construct 2 only... I am using classic - If I set my layout so that a 720p widescreen image is laid out correctly, in a 4:3 ratio resolution such as 1024x768 everything is anchored from the top right corner of the layout so everything is off centre..

  • damn... sorry.. didn't see it was CC, not sure how much applies..

  • nothing really! - while trying out a few combinations, it seems that stretch window resize settings in the properties doesnt even scale down the full screen to 640x480.

    1024x768 is OK though, but it only centers the image when the layout is the size of the play area (currently 576x720), increasing the layout width to 1280x720 and adding a padding images just anchor it to the top left of the full layout..

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  • So I found a way to center it simply using a scroll to function on a centrered dummy object, but for some reason, it doesnt stretch with the resize checkbox.., it just creates a bigger window with the 720p image sat in the centre surrounded by black..

    also, should I move this to the HELP section? sorry for posting in the wrong place..

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