Would it be possible to fix the edit box feature?

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  • I would love if I could use this for my game, but as it stands, using it is pretty glicthy. It will inevitably make the player lose all control in the game and force them to close the application. I've tried everything I could think of, but it still insists on being fickle and screwing up the game long after the layout it appears on. Would there be any way of making it more stable? ^^

  • Have you tried destroying the edit box?

  • I'm using editbox for an editor and I destroy it after using it, and recreate it when I use it, as newt said, and that works fine. I had forgotten about it until you said it, but I ended up doing it that way because of the glitch you're talking about. I think after typing in it, it never gives back control of the keyboard or something annoying. but yeah, create and destroy works fine.

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  • Destroying it does nothing. I still end up losing control after awhile. But maybe it matters which Destroy I choose? There are two, after all.

    I probably should've mentioned that destroying it was one of the first things I did, and it was from doing that, that I ended up with losing control in the first place. This led me to believe I needed to keep it un-destroyed.

    ...Um... Hm... After skipping over the frame with the edit box (the file select screen, where an edit box is needed for creating a new game and entering your name), I still see that same problem. In fact, after deleting it entirely and running the application, I still lose control.

    I wonder if there's another edit box I have somewhere, or if it's completely unrelated to the edit box.

  • I absolutely hate trying to find weird bugs like this. Good luck, I know how you feel.


  • Ive used the edit box in a couple of games i have created, mainly to save player and level names.

    Hers a sample of the events i used:

    + SB_SAVE: Button clicked

    + System: Is global variable 'EXPORTAS' Equal to "Save"

       -> EB_SAVEASBOX: Enable

       -> EB_SAVEASBOX: Focus on

    -> System: Set global variable 'EXPORTAS' to "Name ?"

    -> SB_SAVE: Set text to global('EXPORTAS')

    + SB_SAVE: Button clicked

    + System: Is global variable 'EXPORTAS' Equal to "OK ?"

    + System: For each Red ordered by Red('number') Ascending

    -> INI: Write string Red('id') to item Red('number') in group EB_SAVEASBOX.Text

    • > EB_SAVEASBOX: Focus off

    + SB_SAVE: Button clicked

    + System: Is global variable 'EXPORTAS' Equal to "OK ?"

    -> System: Set global variable 'EXPORTAS' to "Save"

    -> SB_SAVE: Set text to global('EXPORTAS')

    -> INI: Write value global('speed') to item 33 in group EB_SAVEASBOX.Text

    -> System: Create object REDTICK on layer 2 at (0, 0) from SB_SAVE 's pivot point

    -> EB_SAVEASBOX: Disable

    -> LB_IMPORT: Add line EB_SAVEASBOX.Text

    -> SB_MYSAVES: Set 'id' to EB_SAVEASBOX.Text

    (ive indented the events relating to the edit box to make it easier to read)

    Hope this helps.

    i'm assuming this is the same thing your talking about? <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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