Is it possible to convert a CC game to an APK file?

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  • I've been messing around way too long with CC and I've made a few simple games and stuff with it. Anyways, I've been wondering if there is any way to convert the .exe file to an .apk and keep things working just fine.

    If there is at least one way to do it, which things do I need to do/learn? Seriously, I have no problem if it is a big pain to do it, I'd be happy to try it anyway.

    Thanks for reading.

  • It would be easier to convert the CC .cap to C2 or C3, most likely.

    CC is Windows DirectX only based system and the project produced is Windows only. If there is a way of producing an apk, I haven't heard of it.

    Maybe try Google search?

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  • No, not automatically.

    Your choices are to either rewrite you game in some other tool or language that can be exported to an apk, which is the most reasonable solution, or...

    Porting the CC runtime to run as a apk.

    The source is available but it takes visual studio to build and is dependent on windows components: directX, xaudio and the winapi. It also is dependent on some x86 assembly for things like the per-pixel collision detection. So the things that would need to change is: making it use opengles instead of directx, use andriod features instead of xaudio and the winapi, and rewriting the assembly from x86 to arm assembly or C++. On top of that there are other Visual studio specific things that would need to be changed so it can be compiled with gcc.

    More reasonably you could just make your own runtime any way you want, and use something like (a tool i made to get at all the insides of a cap file). This is still a fair amount of work. I haven't found such a thing worth the effort.

    You possibly could use to get the layouts of your game at the very least.

  • Zenox98: that's what I feared. I love Construct indeed, but I wanted to rely on CC, basically because I know and love the challenge it is.

    R0J0hound!! First off, I want to say that you've helped me out a lot on other topics when I was starting with CC, so thank you a lot for that!

    Now to the point, yeah, it sounds like a ton of work and I knew I would have to work around with that kind of stuff, knowing that CC relies on Windows' stuff only. I'll check out for sure the and I'll see if I can get anywhere.

    I really like to mess around with programs and game engines to do stuff they weren't supposed to do. If I get to work around this topic and manage to convert the final .exe into an .apk, I will for sure post about it here in the forums!

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