Are PM's busted?

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  • I replied to a PM from SuperV a few days ago and learned today that he never received it. I tried sending it two more times and it doesn't show up in the "Sent Items" box, it just sits in my Outbox.

    Ashley, I also tried sending a PM to you about the problem but, ironically enough, I don't think it went through...

  • There seems to be a few problems with the forums here... You can't wiew profiles either still, and the members button just leads to the board index.

  • Yeah, I don't know what caused the profiles thing.

    As for PMs, there's a quirk. I assume the number after the PM link is meant to be how many unread PMs you have, but mine is always stuck on "PM [0]" no matter how many unread PMs I have...

    If you send someone a PM it goes in your Outbox. When they read it, it's moved to your Sent box. So the above quirk probably means not everyone is reading their PMs, which might mean your PM is left in the outbox...

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  • Hmm... well, mine says "1 new message" right now, so I don't know what's up there. I'll check it and see.


    Welp, it was the reply from you, Ash. "Yep, it worked!" And now it says "0 new messages" again.

    Is it a problem maybe with the board themes not displaying the number of PM's correctly? I'm using Czar Green and it seems to work for me. I dunno... just a guess.

  • Works for me perfectly in orange, maybe you have cookie related issue?

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