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  • Hey, I've been messing around with the platform movement, and theres a couple of things that I reckon would be great additions.

    Firstly, it'd be great if we could se the speed of the object in a direction with an event. So the object can be moved around outside of the players control. I'd like to make wall-jumping, Metroid style, with the platform movement, and it seems impossible to do without a way to move the object independantly of the players input.

    Also, I'd like to see variable jumping. 'Jump sustain' sort of does this, but it acts wierdly. If you hold the button down, the object jumps the normal 'jump' height, with proper acceleration and deceleration, and then just floats upwards at a constant speed for the 'sustain' period. This makes for some pretty weird looking jumps if you rely too heavily on jump sustain.

    It'd be nice to have an option to stop the character bouncing, when the jump button is held down. It can be got around with a feet detector and a few events, but it's pretty annoying to have to set this up so the player doesn't bounce around with jump held in. I can't think of many platform games where holding jump makes the character jump continuously.

    These are just a few things that I reckon would make the platform movement perfect. It's already great, especially the slope control, which is a right pain to do manually. Anyone else have any suggestions?

    Cheers, Tom

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  • You can allready move the player independantly by giving it a new movement and disable the plattform one, or just move it one pixel at a time relative to it's own position.

    The anti-bouncing thing would be nice, but i don't think it's high priority.

  • Yeah, it's certainly not high priority, just a few additions I thought would be nice once the major issues are sorted. Also, I forgot you could actively change movements, walljupming should work with a ball movement on top of the platform movement. Nice one, cheers.

    • Tom
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