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  • I think it would be really useful if you could not have to rely on the default controls to move an object with the platform behaviour. While you can already use events to cause a 'jump' it would be useful if this was applied to the other inputs, so that you can say: When button is down - move right.

  • In Application Properties, you can change the default controls.

  • Yeah but it would be useful if you could simulate the inputs using events; to have full control.

    That way you could also use the platform behaviour for NPC objects to

  • You can use platform behavior for NPC's, you just have to set their speed manually. There's a Jump action, too.

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  • ahh ok

  • Setting an enemy NPC to platform movement causes the enemy to move whenever you try to move the player. It seems like Construct neither has the option to control more than one player nor does it have to option for a movement (or "behavior") to be not to be controlled by the keyboard at all.

    If you try to delete the movement keys in properties, it just sets them back to the default values. It doesn't let you "unassign" them.

    This is all a huge oversight in my opinion. I would suggest that there be an option to assign what controls an object (the player, another player (separate set of controls), or nobody at all).

    But I could be missing something, if you have found a way to prevent this from occurring let me know. But as far as I've seen, it seems like Construct doesn't have support for movements being controlled by anything other than one player.

    I really hoped this is addressed soon because I had a cool platform AI system that was working great until I found out that it could be moved around with the keyboard.

    Edit: Actually, it does let you unassign the keys. But you lose the ability to move your character according to the rules of the built in platform movement and have to instead make your own by setting the X movement values, etc. yourself in the event sheet.

  • And doing so, well, is proving to be quite buggy. I'm trying it now and the built in platform movement doesn't seem to play nice with it being moved around forcefully through the event sheet editor. This is really a pain in the you know what.

    If only there were some other way to disable the movement keys so that they didn't interfere with the enemy's ability to move.

    EDIT: Wait, I just found it. There is a "Set ignoring input" event. I'll try that out.

    Edit: Okay, ignore everything I have just said. This "ignoring input" command I found actually works. Heh, I said all that for nothing. It was right in front of me all along.

    Edit 3: Well, I am able to get the AI to jump... but there is no option to make it move to the left or right, although moving it to a certain X value works... although not quite as good.

  • Actually, scratch that. It works great. I was putting in the wrong values.. anyway sorry for the triple post. I would delete the two posts before this one (and this post as well) but it won't let me.

  • it seems you can only delete/edit posts for a short time

  • Glad you got that all sorted out, machrider

    I guess should have been more specific before and saved you the trouble. But yeah, that's exactly how I did my jack-in-the-box enemies in LHiT.

    Perhaps I should scrap bits and pieces out of that game and make a series of mini-tutorials instead of having everything in one big .cap. It could also use some updating, as it's five months old. Hell, it even had obsolete code for back then, I think it was version 0.92 or something.

  • Actually, scratch that. It works great. I was putting in the wrong values.. anyway sorry for the triple post. I would delete the two posts before this one (and this post as well) but it won't let me.

    Care to post an example of that?

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