Do you plan to make full manual for Construct?

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  • Hello!

    I've a question for the developers of Construct

    There is only one Wiki help, not full, not completed and not very convenient now.

    Do you plan (and when if it's no seccret

    Because it's difficult to learn new program without full program's guide.. Wiki help is good, but there're many cross-links between articles (easy to confused), inconvenient navigation, it's completely online, etc, so i think many people agree with me that Construct needs full offline manual.

    p.s. sorry for bad english

  • The developers spend most of their time writing code - and writing documentation is very time consuming. We've tried to encourage the community to help contribute to the wiki, but it's not been developed much recently, and I don't blame anyone, it's pretty boring stuff.

    Obviously documentation is important, but it needs to be written first. Have you tried some of the tutorials in the meantime?

  • I guess there is no reason an offline manual couldn't be complied straight from the wiki entries... the only problem I can foresee from doing it now would be any changes to the core methods Construct uses to do things. This would put the manual out of date before someone finished putting it together.

    The main benefit of the wiki is that it can be kept current a lot easier than a PDF or text based offline manual.

    I'm not suggesting that it's a bad idea... but at this point it's probably not the most practical thing to try and do. Perhaps after Construct reaches v1.0 and (hopefully) all the major MAJOR changes are complete, some kind of downloadable manual can be put together?


  • Yeah, few people want to update wiki because Construct keeps changing some things... well... the real reason is we are lazy.

  • The task of writing a manual I don't think is one for the devs. We've documented the internals and particulars on the wiki, but as things change frequently it's a time consuming exercise and one best left to an independent person who wishes to help.


    There's a CHM file I start writing few months ago but unfortunettly school/work not helping with finishing it.

    If someone wanna help with that manual just pm me.

  • I agree! While programm is not completed and periodically changes, Wiki is a good tempory alternative.

    But in the future, we all would like to see completed program (at least the major part) with full manual.

    I understand that writing help is boring and difficult stuff, but i think it's very important part of success. What is the meaning of helicopter, if nobody knows how to fly? .. If you want to promote your program and make it popular, as soon as there would be stable version, you should seek to make your prog available and understandable as for advanced game developers as beginners. Besides Construct is based on "click & play" system, and to create games is more easily than using engines with difficult scripts.

    If gamecreation and learning the program would be simple and fascinating process, many people will come.. and for this you really need full and well-organized manual. Learning program using tutorials is good, but it's more suitable for advanced users.. for example, to see full process of creation small game. But if you're beginner and even don't know interface, buttons and where everything is..? All we need to learn from the simple to more complex things.

    There're not so many people in our country who can buy expensive programs and engines, so people prefer to learn free soft. There're many free programs and people prefer to learn more "easy to understand" program that has a lot of info, documentation, tutorials, etc.. If it hasn't normal help, people stop learning program and look for another one.

    Your program is very cool, absolutely free and so it has all chances to become very popular (especially during the world crisis )! It is good solution for low-budget game studios and new game developers.

    So... I very much hope that the situation will change with new stable 1.0 version .

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  • It would not be hard at all if it were KNP help file style.

    "This menu bar in the level editor this is what it does now



  • It would not be hard at all if it were KNP help file style.

    Kruger National Park?

    I'd be all up on populating the wiki once we hit 1.0.


    There's a CHM file I start writing few months ago but unfortunettly school/work not helping with finishing it.

    If someone wanna help with that manual just pm me.


    I've downloaded your help-file, you're doing great work!

    I'd like to help you, but don't know English very well and, of course, i haven't yet learned Construct, its features, etc, to write documentation for it

    And i (we all) hope you'll continue and finish this difficult, but important job, and developers will help you in that.

  • Thenks orcheliya.

    But it's gonna be hard to finish it

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