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  • I'd like the ability to be able to either create, or have some pre-set creations/settings for physics based objects.

    Primarily a "chain" or "rope" type of object that can be segmented to a desired length using sprites as the "links". Also having an option to have it linked in a circle (joined to itself) or as a straight piece.

    Other prefab objects/settings could include:

    • cloth (similar to the ribbon but with physics applied)
    • breakables (physics objects that can shatter into pieces of the original image having force constraints on breakage conditions)
    • pre-set material density (wood, metal, rubber, etc)
    • More stuff that I can't think of now

    This would save a lot of time making common items for those of us who use physics objects a lot. Anyone who uses physics to make stuff often should get what I mean.

    Am I just being lazy? Opinions?


  • i agree, but what would be really nice is the ability to make physics objects in the layout editor, you know be able hinge them together and stuff, instead of having to spawn them into shape.

  • i agree, but what would be really nice is the ability to make physics objects in the layout editor, you know be able hinge them together and stuff, instead of having to spawn them into shape.

    Yeah, I guess that's pretty much what I was getting at. I just couldn't put it into words, thanks


  • It sounds like you want some LittleBigPlanet type objects, which I personally think would be awesome. I wish I had stuck with programming, or I'd be all over making these as plug-ins!

  • A "Phun-like" interface could be nice :

  • Yeah, Phun is cool... something like that at runtime would be excellent.

    The ability to create objects and load them as objects in some sort of custom library would be sweet.

    Then you could upload/send created physics objects to others for use in games or whatever. Anything from a simple rope, to something more complex like a suspension bridge... whatever you like.

    So yes, a more improved design-time physics creation... as well as being able to save objects separately to the cap.

    If I had to choose between one or the other, I would say better design-time creation/manipulation.


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  • was actually gonna say, "like phun" in my post, but i had already done that to ask for something like this a few times in the past , this would be a really nice feature, with control over what collisions between objects are disabled as well during the edittime


    yeah that would be nice.

    Actually what I'd like is for plugins to be able to modify the editor's behavior, so the physics plugin could do exactly that..... and an iso behavior could show the object's height, and IK could show the rig with bones and handlers, and etc etc

  • Hehehe I found Quazi's post from the Bone Character thread made by Rich way back....

    after seeing the bone movement, the first that came to my mind was implementing a system similar to how bones are set up, for the physics behaviour. if you could implement a similar editor for physics that would be amazing, letting us easily set up vehicles and belts, ropes, ect.

    you choose a root object (like you do with bones) and then when you press edit you could add other physics objects to the hiearchy in a similar way to how bones work. you could then hinge or fixtate or spring those objects to each other in the editor, in a fashion similar to Phun (while paused).

    i find it very tedious and blocky/unprofessional/glitchy to have to hinge a vehicle toghether at the beginning of a layout like we do now, this system would make physics vehicles a breeze. and if youre able to make boned objects into ragdolls (which would be totally awesome!! ), this shouldnt be that different.

    He hit it spot on way back then...


  • I approve of this idea

    Edit: 100 POSTS!!!!!!

    Yeah, that took me a while

  • yeah i agree on physics prefabs.

    It help as a lot if this will implement specially for physics addict.

    you can create great thing and invention trough physics.

    who knows that because of combination application of physics and software we can create something that even Einstein did not imagine.

    what do you think guys. sounds interesting right?

  • Actually Box2d (according to site) already has lots of different joints and other very usefull capabilities (component objects, which can be breakable for example) that aint used in construct at the moment.

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