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  • Would it be possible to add a Gravity Direction setting to the Physics behavior? I was tinkering around trying to make one of those roll-a-ball-around-a-maze things, where you rotate the entire screen. I'm sure there's some way to do it by adding force in a particular direction, but having a gravity direction thinger would make things easier, like:


    • Physics: Set gravity direction to (System: Display angle) degrees

    I'm sure there would be other uses too

  • I don't know, doing it without a special option wouldn't be that hard. To make the gravity up, for example:


    • Add force towards X: Sprite.X Y. Sprite.Y - 32 Force: 1000

    Of course, an option would be preferable, but it's still not that hard.

  • I thought about making the gravity go in the direction of a second sprite's image point, but then there was the problem of rotation. I messed around with it a bit more and came up with this: ... g+maze.cap

    I just make the gravity controller sprite always set to the opposite angle of the display. It actually works better than I thought it would. Thanks for the inspiration, linkman.

    (By the way the new friction and elasticity settings are nice... good job guys )

  • That's a really sweet example, right there. Never even thought of doing it that way.

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  • It's an old topic, sorry for uping it, but i think it would be interested to define a global gravity for every item in a specific layer =)

    A thing like that :

    Actions for "System" -> Layers -> "Set global gravity angle"

    And also a custom value on Layer properties, with default value equal to 90 (like Particles item)

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