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  • Its to dificult to make solids collid with each others other then balls and bullet!!

    (lets say we want in the pong template, make the bats collide with the top/bottom bar (red bar) not letting them leaving the screen (there could be a tick on solids - "collide with other solids" or something like that.

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  • I don't quite understand what the problem is here. But I'll give it a shot.

    In the pong example, the bats don't use a behavior (built in movement). They are controlled by events to move up or down by their Y axis values. That is why they are able to move through the red bars, even though the bars are set to "solid" (which only effects behaviors).

    Construct already is set to handle solids and collisions between solids, but it only does it for behaviors (the built in movements).

    However, as an alternative, you can also make your own movements using events. But if you do that, you also have to code in the collisions yourself (which the Pong example doesn't do).

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