Physics based battle?

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  • I know this may be an obvious question, but its kind of hard to explain what Im thinking.

    I just got an idea out of nowhere for a potential project.

    I was thinking a side veiw battle between a character and physics effected objects...not to mention a beastly boss.

    The way I see it is each level containing a beast/boss that needs to be destroyed by creating carnage of pillars, bricks and rocks....the main character would jump, then detinate the desired blasts to topple objects in the hope of crushing the beast.

    I imagine this game would not only be against the beast (who is also pushing the enviroment over) but against one false move could result in self squishiness.

    Has anyone tried anything like this before?

    Any tips or pointers before I begin to flesh it out?

    It may not go any further...but i kinda got excited and wanted to see if there are such projects already underway.

  • this should be in Construct Discussion not Your Creations.

  • wooooops, sorry. my bad.

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  • Moved to Discussion.

    Also, there have been some attempts at physics based platform games... though nobody has released the events as an open source yet. I imagine in time there may be more examples of this kind of thing around the place... but you may have to try and figure it out yourself, at least for now.


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