Per Object Masking: Is It Possible?

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  • Hey all, this is partially a help request and partially a suggestion, depending on what the answer is heheh. Sorry if this has been covered somewhere, as usual, I did a quick search on it beforehand and didn't find much.

    So what I'm wondering is, yes we can do layer masking and stuff, but is it possible to mask an individual object? And by extension, multiple objects on the same layer? By that I mean, similar to an alpha map.

    Perhaps a better question would be, do objects have an individual opacity mask? If so, how do I use it?

    If not....

    I suggest that construct (probably construct 2) have an opacity mask option of some kind for sprites

    Potential possibilities include:

    Clever shadow casting

    Cool dissolve effects

    Destructible Sprites! Imagine shooting a hole in a tank!

    Anything a cool, crazy community could think up!

  • I've done something like this:

    But with each object having its own mini canvas, and it worked great

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  • How was it with performance? What would happen if you had a couple of hundred of those mini canvases? That's a big ask I know, I don't really need anything like that at the moment, I'm really just wondering if a quick, easy, per object masking layer type thing is available at the moment

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