How are people currently using Python?

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  • I really would like to rebuild my generator in Python script, it'd solve a lot of problems. Currently I have a lot of global variables to hold things I need to hold between loops and events - things I only need once and for a short duration...but that I need between events. The second option is to make an object specifically to hold these variables, but I think a Python script would be more efficient - not to mention easier for me to read.

    However, Python isn't working consistently right now. At first I was getting a "Missing DLL: MSVCR71.DLL" error when trying to run a project using Python, which is the Visual C runtimes that I do have installed. I tried reinstalling and repairing and updating them to no avail.

    I finally installed Python 2.5 after reading this forum, and that allows me to view projects with Python (and run them) made in earlier versions, without this error. I can't actually make my own script, but I can modify existing ones in previously working projects to an extent. However, if I add any object and try to reference it in a script with a basic line, Python support completely fails on the entire program. Lines that worked fine with zero errors before now report errors at runtime. Lines other than the one I added, that worked fine before.

    For instance, if I open a project that works fine when run, that modifies a text object with Python...if I modify a line that changed the Text object, it'll modify it fine and the change will show up at runtime, but if I make another text object and try to use the exact same line on it, the whole program just fails, including the first line. They both report errors.

    A guy named Zack in chat last night had me "import sys", which is a standard library I guess, at layout startup last night and at first that appeared to work for a little while, but then the same symptoms showed every layout and every project.

    Is there any way to get Python up and running right now, and if not, when is it planned to be fixed? Because if it's soon I can write a simple Python console program to generate my city and then port it into my Construct project fairly easily once Python is working in it.

  • I believe that Python support is being rewritten.

  • You should post the error you're getting it and the code you're using.

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  • I'd wait till the next build, when Python has been fixed, and uses the latest version.

  • Python 3 right?

  • Question, is the version really going to matter?

    I mean if you have 2.6 are you going to have to upgrade?

  • Well, if python is fixed to a full extent so the game creator doesn't even need a python install, yes.

    But if the game creator still needs a python install you'll have to update because each new version is installed in a different directory.

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