Pathfinding not working?

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  • I am making a basic version of what I intend to do, basically a turn based game without the squares and such, so that movements are in real time but while you're moving your movement bar goes down which limits the distance you can go in one turn...which is where I'm running into a problem...the pathing is not very efficient, atleast how I'm using it. It's wasting movement points for basic movements...and I was wondering if there was something I was doing wrong.

    Right now I have it set at 30x30, which actually made pathing better than 10x10. I also cranked up the rotation speed which seemed to help.

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  • Can you make an example that shows it not working properly? I know it's not perfect and needs some tweaking, but I think it's at least adequate. If you move an object and there's no obstacles involved at all, even with pathfinding on the movement should just ignore the grid and move directly to the target.

    The best thing to make movements more efficient is to increase rotation speed like you said, and reduce the 'Blocked speed', which is the speed it reduces to if it finds itself pointing in the wrong direction or unable to reach the target.

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