parallax mapping

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  • hey guys.

    been playing some modern games lately, since i got a new pc with all the dx11 eye candy, and started thinking:

    would it be possible to implement something like parallax mapping(or its variations) in the construct?

    because, if im not completely wrong, its still just a 2D texture effect used to make an illusion of depth, correct?

    and since there already is bump mapping in construct, i was thinking why not parallax..

    i think it could make a 2d game look really stunning when used subtly and carefully.

    which lead me to wonder why it hasnt been used in 2d platformers, for example, very much. i really like the way it looks and while it could potentially go to waste in a 2D game where you cant rotate around textures, it would still add some depth to visuals.

    any thoughts?

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  • I might be mistaken, but I think it requires pixel shader 3.0, and construct classic only supports 2.0.

  • You may do parallaxing effect by adding some Layers to your Layout, the setting theirs XScrollRate and YScrollRate params progressively from top-most to bottom-most. So when you scrolls the whole scene, the Layers with lower ScrollRate respectively, will scroll smoothly, therefore all objects inside those Layers will scrolls smoothly too.

    I'm using that effect on my own current project 'DEEP SPACE' to create the illusion of a vastness of void in the space, producing a feeling of depth.

    Espect this helps!


  • Yaottabyte - he was actually talking about parallax mapping, not parallax scrolling. It's basically bump mapping or normal mapping, but better.

  • ah ok! well i was confused then... hehehe...

  • I had a quick look at parallax mapping, and it is not so much about the pixel shader version (it could be done v2.0 compliant). But in Construct you only have access to the actual texture and its background, you can't access a second or third texture (which would be needed). Maybe with a fixed parallax angle (set by a parameter) it could be done to the background.

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