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  • the recently released panel object is very cool, but i think it could be even better if it had an option to tile or stretch, so that objects like this

    <img src="">

    can be made to look like neatly placed tiles instead of stretched ones.

    an option to individually select stretching modes for panel fill and panel edges would be even more awesome.

  • that would be incredible

  • I agree *dreams of easy RPG style over worlds*

  • I don't mean to burst any bubbles but even if you allowed some sort of grid-snapped-repeating-texture thing to the panel object to allow this, then you would pretty much be stuck building your level with rectangular shapes anyway:

    <img src="">

    That's rather limited. You wouldn't be able to make any complex, seamless shapes, and you'd have to be placing all sorts of other single tiles anyway. More trouble than it's worth, imo.

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  • you wouldn't only use that type of object panel obviously

    youd use tiled bg for main filler, and panel textures with "open ends" ie the last shape in my example graphic

    it would be much faster and more intuitive then always moving corner pieces, top pieces ect.

  • it would be much faster and more intuitive

    I guess I don't see it. Maybe I'm imagining it wrong or something but I don't quite get what you mean.

  • I think we'd be better off with a true tilemap instead

    Panel seems fine as it is, for me

    EDIT: changed my mind, tiled option would be awesome Just wrap instead of stretch, designer does the rest!

  • RPG Maker

  • im deep into my engine at the moment

    but, eventually i plan to make a tiling plugin,

    to me it makes more sense to be a separate object

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