Pacman game with CS0.X?

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  • I know this is a stupid question but is it possible to create a pacman game with CS?.I tried but i cannot seem to get it right.Then i used game maker 8.0 pro and i used the gml language , im at stage 15 now with game makers app.

    I want to compare the two side by side.In terms of quality GFX ,CS wins hands down.But i guess im just better suited to coding than using events.So in terms of using events vs coding i must side with GM.I started using gm pro only 3 weeks ago and it seems that im learning the app faster than i did with CS(More users = More help i guess).

  • What specific problems are you having making your pacman game in Construct? Perhaps you could post your .cap and the particular problem you're having.

    Some problems do lend themselves better to coding, especially certain algorithms. If you prefer to implement your game in GML, then nobody's stopping you.

  • Ashley : It's minor problems like Collisions ,Sounds and when the ghost hits a wall then he must go around that paticular wall in a certain pattern.Sounds simple to do but the moment the ghost hits the wall then he moves in the opposite direction that i wanted him to move.

    As for the sound ,When i press up and right together for instance then the sound would keep on going like it was set to looping which it isn't.And i have used Trigger once while true for those particular wakka wakka sounds.

    The collisions are the hardest part because im using something like when right arrow key is down/Sprite.X+5 and Sprite.Y+-5 for up and down with anims.When the char hits the wall then Sprite.X-or+0.It works but when i go around a wall too quickly then the char gets stuck sometimes.

    This is using GML code within Game maker which works almost in the same way.But i don't get collision problems this way.Eg : char getting stuck.


    if (keyboard_check(vk_left)) x -= 5;

    if (keyboard_check(vk_right)) x += 5;

    if (keyboard_check(vk_up)) y -= 5;

    if (keyboard_check(vk_down)) y += 5;


    As for sending a cap file.Im just testing this so i haven't saved anything yet.

    [quote:3khhht36]Some problems do lend themselves better to coding, especially certain algorithms. If you prefer to implement your game in GML, then nobody's stopping you.

    I know.But i really want to create the game on both versions and make a comparison with Speed,Gfx,Sfx etc....I don't want to prove anything like oh this app is better than that app.Im trying to go multi platform on MMF2,GM8.0,XNA and CS with one game.Just want to see if i can pull this off.

  • Sorry for double posting.Here is the cap that i made.You will notice that when you press the up and down arrow at the same time then the wakka wakka sound will keep on going without stopping.

    I managed to get the collisions right by widening the hallways.

  • Uh, why not use grid behavior?

  • will grid behavior fix that sound problem??

  • When you use "Autoplay resource" the resource will be assigned to the next free channel. You are only stopping channel 1. A solution would be to use "load resource" to assign the sound to channel 1.


    Here's an example for a more correct pacman movement. made in 0.99.97.

  • R0J0hound beat me to it when it comes to the sound mishap. I have spent a bit of time trying to figure out that xAudio plugin. It is not always straight forward.

    Another thing to note, which should help you in optimizing in future, using the same animation 4 times over is quite wasteful, not so important here, but when you are using a large sprite with detailed animations, try setting the angle of the sprite but still using the same animation. Negative width is also handy. And the platform behaviour has an automatic flip option too.

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  • Ah of course thanks ROJOhound .The sounds are working as it should now.

    Thanks Steven I will do so in the future

    Use grid movement ,Got it

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