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  • The thread's gone now. Guys, I am deadly serious. Do not cause problems on other people's websites. I will start dishing out bans from now on if anyone is going to try that again, I've definitely been clear on this. It's stupid. Do not do it.

  • Yes, you don't want Adam to start posting here

  • Please everyone read this announcement:


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  • My aim wasn't to start a flamewar, just simply check if the word construct was really a taboo on their forums or not. The thing is I was right.

    I'm really sorry if I caused any trouble.

  • Thanks MikeD, but if I remember right you also mentioned it was "much worse" or some such strong opinion (I've said before, theirs is more polished, titlescreen etc, so is probably better, so long as you have the hardware to run it). It looked intended to provoke a reaction, which it did, because it caused the admins enough of a headache to remove a whole thread, which is pretty bad news. I'm glad you understand though.

  • Evening. I should probably say a few things here, as some of the replies on this thread have been a bit paranoid...

    I have to admit to never having played either the game that caused all this or your original demo, so I can't give my perspective on that, and I'm not totally sure of what the thinking behind it was if it really was a clone of your application. It was featured on the front page as an example of game created with the hardware acceleration features, and not as some kind of one-upmanship, and it wasn't created with the Clickteam developers' (or the poster of that news article's) knowledge. It's now been taken down in the hope that all this will die down.

    It's probably unwise for me to guess as to the reasons for their legal action and start all that up again, but as to the accusations of them only being interested in money, I've never seen any evidence of that from their actions as a company or in the support and updates they provide to the community. Clickteam discourages the mention of all competitor products on its own forum, not just yours. I can't say that I agree with this idea entirely, but it should (in theory) remove any possibility of bias against any competing software. (As for the posts about Gamebuilder, as far as I'm aware the site is run by one of the Clickteam members rather than Clickteam themselves, and it's his own choice what he wants to do with that.)

    Finally, I can promise you that whether the problem users here have been paid by Clickteam in the past or not, their actions are entirely their own and we would never encourage them to harass you. Ashley, thanks for stopping forum members here from blowing up the issue any further than it needs to go. We'll try and do the same.

  • It really was, the effects from that demo were , at least from what I remember from the Construct demo, fewer and not as good imo which was what the demo was all about, like for example. It was more polished but as a tech demo it doesn't mather.

    Also I did overreact because at first I thought Sphax was directly associated with Clickteam which isn't true aparently.

  • Thanks for taking the time to leave a message, DavidN. I'll lock this thread now, I don't think further discussion of the matter is going to help anything. I would recommend forum users here also recognise that the matter should be left now, for everyone's benefit.

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