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  • hello,

    Is there a tutorial or thread about event-organizing-tips?

    For example: when to make seperate sheets/groups and what the pros/cons are?

    I tend to place everything in 1 big messy pile and I am interested in reading more about organizing. (for either CC or C2)

  • I think it's a matter of personal opinion. I like using tons of groups everywhere though - that way I can collapse an entire segment of code to a one line description. It makes it very, very easy to read and find what you're looking for.

    • paused
    • - menu
    • not paused
    • - player controls
    • - hud
  • You can also add notes into your code to help you remember why you did what you did. Also, having groups and event sheets doesn't slow anything down.

    The most important thing to remember when organizing and moving your events around and into groups is that the order of everything does matter.

    SO if you have a bunch of event sheets and move one above or below where it was, things might stop working in your game. Not a big a deal, you can move it back-- but if you don't realize this is the issue right away, you could end up debugging for a long time.

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  • Is there a better way to indent / outdent groups / subevents ?

    Sort of shortcuts or something.

    I've run into a problem, when previous group ends with subevent, there is no way to pull next group to be indented as "top level", but I rather have to create fake top level event, pull group here, then delete this event... :)

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