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  • Has it been fixed yet? Previously, when you created something like value is equal to 0 or 1 , if the value was 1 it did nothing. I currently need it to use arbitrary amount of ORs in a variable used together with stringed tokens and loopindex.

  • Is it broken? From your description you are trying to do something like this:

    + Text: Value 'var' Equal to 0 or 1[/code:2svbv8u7]
    When read it makes sense, but in construct and almost every programming language out there it is read like this:
    The expression "0 or 1" will be computed as "1".  So the event will always be read as:
    [code:2svbv8u7]+ Text: Value 'var' Equal to 1[/code:2svbv8u7]
    Which is not the desired condition. 
    Here is a correct way to use "or" with the System -> Evaluate condition:
    [code:2svbv8u7]+ System: (Text.Value('var')=0) or (Text.Value('var')=1)[/code:2svbv8u7]
    If I misunderstood, please clarify.
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  • Wanted to edit post earlier but got locked out of account. I sent for PW request but PW is still the original that I found luckly sitting in the email? Anyway, I got it to work with the evaluate conditions which is all I needed didn't work on compare but doesn't matter. In the past I wanted to use or for all checking all the key presses I wanted and not being able to put in the value as is never occurred to me then. And it was always computed as 0 in that example for me - like it got the first value and thats it. Anyway, everything is awesome now - I'm using it to skip looping thru the most of the loopindex of a nested loop so that it only gets the two range of values I wanted and skips the useless values. Thanks.

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