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  • I'm not sure where my various requests are for this, and I'm sure its still something that alot of people are interested in.

    I'd really love it if we had a plugin similar to MMF's MOO extensions. And I believe MMF is getting a new online extension call OINC (its in public alpha)

    The developer of OINC has made it possible to create servers for the games using C++ or Python I believe. This is because MMF generally sucked for the server apps due to relatively slow execution of events in comparison to C++ or Python. I imagine this would be similar in construct.

    Are there any plans for this? I can't express how excited I am about being able to make online games in construct.

  • LOL old thread is old... we already talked about this, including you haha. It was in the plugin/sdk request section from memory? This is one thing I am certainly waiting on in order to start my "proper" project, "Car Kill Apocalypse" which I made a thread about ages ago with some mock screen shots in there.

    Hopefully once Construct hits 1.0 then Rich and Ash will look into it. I feel that this kind of addition to the program would be essential in order to cover a range of product capabilities... including my idea for a Media Center program, if for example I wanted to have network streaming from other PCs on the network!


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  • Ah yeah it is old. I was just bringing it back up again to ensure its still an active request

  • Ah yeah it is old. I was just bringing it back up again to ensure its still an active request

    I keep dropping hints at Rich, cus Rich is da man! Well, Ash is da man as well, but Rich is like, da plugin man and Ash is DA MAN... ah forget it xD

    Can't wait though... full network support via either direct IP connection or windows networking... or mac for those of you unfortunate enough to own one of those atrocities... It will mean I can start working on Car Kill

    I think I will finish my current experiment first before starting Car Kill though... probably wait until v1.0 comes out before doing anything too serious.


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