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  • What about adding Onion Skin to the animation editor? It would easier for hotspoting.

  • This would be useful for things like the bone animator but as for placing the hot spot I see little point.

    the easiest way to do hot spots for sprites is to make the images all the same size by having a transparent area around them. Then Bring them into the Image editor with the import images option. in the import image dialog set the hot spot for all the images to the center. Now go into your animation editor and hit ALT and the crop button all images will be cropped with the hot spots in the same place.

  • Too much work in my opinion. Especially if you have over 100 frames.

  • I'd go with that method even if I had 5000 frames to process. Splitting stuff into right animations and directions and cropping with quickly set hot spot would take no more than 4 hours of work. 4 hours is a time everyone need to make a simple addition to engine. So 100 frames is like no work at all.

  • When you're animating you need to move the hotspot sometimes, and check with the other layers.

    Onion skin is a really useful tool for animators. Tweaking animations as it is now is kind of uncomfortable.

    I second onion skin request!

  • I second onion skin request!

    More like Nth request... onion skinning has been requested several times before.

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  • n+1th'd!!

  • Some day I'll add it but for now the best way to position hotspots is to select the hotspot tool and use the arrow keys to move the image about. Then hold 'shift' to switch frames. The hotspot stays in the middle of the screen.

    If your ripping sprites from a sprite sheet and the person who made the sprite sheet didn't align the graphics to any type of grid then sadly you have a bit of work to do, but using the arrow keys and the shift key its really comfortable and you quickly get the results your after!

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