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  • two game engines

    Both are much alike.

    One is Construct, the other one is Multimedia Fusion 2.

    Construct is open-source freeware, then MF2 is comersial costs 313.65 $ and is royalty NON-free which means you must share your incomes from your game with them.

    did anybody else noticed how alsmost IDENTICAL they are? but who was first? is one a rip-off of the another? then who was the first? this is extremly weird. just look at this:

    this ss is taken like 5 minutes ago from my PC

    this is from their web

    <img src="http://www.clickteam.com/website/usa/img/pictures/mmf2dev-bigshot.jpg">

    and that quote from their website...

    [quote:2b6pmc08]"Introducing Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer's new interface!

    Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer's stylish new interface allows even the most novice of PC users to navigate and develop games and applications, without any prior programming knowledge."

    its just like Constructor, only enhanced incredibly. all the interface, options, even the windows - they are all like copy-paste

    how is this possbile? em i missing somethng obvious? maybe Construct devs are working for them too and i am just missing the obvious? can someone enlighten me? i am DAMN confused.

    heres their link


  • -facepalm-

    Clickteam has been around since like..1994.

  • i am not taliing about their age but the "new interface" which in my rotten eyes is almost a raw copy/paste of Constructor (or the other side around).

  • Does it really matter if Construct copied mmf's layout?.At least Construct is free so here's mud in yer eye mmf lol.

  • Hehe, you got it the wrong way round Construct came after Multimedia Fusion. In fact, myself and a couple of the other developers used to write extensions for MMF. We ended up leaving and writing our own program though.

    The copying thing has been done to death in the past, but a good example is: is OpenOffice "copying" Microsoft Word, or are they just two originally written programs that attempt to solve the same problem? Isn't it better for customers when there are two competing options which are always trying to do better? Clickteam have come up with more features (HWA, Flash export, Java export etc.) than probably in the rest of their history, since Construct appeared. Then there are other open source projects that openly aim to simply be an open source clone of another program. Construct isn't even that - the way its event sheet is displayed is quite different, for example, and there are additional features like subevents.

    Then there's other projects like Game Develop which seem strongly inspired by Construct's way of doing things. That's fine too. This whole idea of "OMFG THEY COPIED THEM!!!1111" isn't a very good way of looking at it.

    I hope this doesn't descend in to a flame war - it's been argued over before and I'll lock the post if it gets out of hand. However, Construct and MMF2 have been coexisting just fine for a couple of years now, and MMF2 remains the more popular option, so we advocates of Construct should maintain some modesty.

  • Construct is basically what mmf2 should have been; a complete redesign. MMF2 is Klik and play with more features, and the grid style event sheet should have been dropped after TGF. And yea, the competition is good for the click products. I can't wait to see what mmf3 brings.

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  • I bought mmf 2 because of Construct.They are very similar,But differ alot as well.So you could say that the two program's actually compliment each other.For my free games i use Construct and for future commercial games i will use mmf2.If you have both then you have the best of both worlds.

  • i think all of you got the wrong impression.

    i didnt knew about the past as i havent been here back then.

    i have never imagined that my words will be taken as a attempt to ignite a flame war.

    shame that no one though about, that perhaps i started this thread in order to stand up and defend Construct (if needed) but also inform you about something you might be not aware of. after all the topic stated clearly "Construct Rip-off?"

    silly me.

    you can propably close/delete this thread.

  • scirra.com/forum/search.php

    actualy i did that.

    and your irony was at least needless

  • silly me.

    Don't take it so personally. It's just that this has been the subject of much contention in the past, and these sorts of threads sometimes get out of hand.

    It's all good, bro.

  • I'll just leave this here....



    With regards to the second one, all I have to say is thank *u** Yoyo/Mark Overmars decided to go for something more sensible.

  • Well the cog/gear motif is used for a lot of other apps.

    Would be nice if the devs came up with something different for C2.

    Something that's a big ol "in your face" to the other guys.

  • I think it's kinda funny that the in-testing-phase freeware game-making program, Stencyl, has an eerily similar logo.

    Is it just me or is cog-C like the new black or something?

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