ok here is a .cap ..

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  • Where no one is waiting for. But i feel like i promissed. Its Beta.

    Known issues:

    The gray block has a delay, and i cant find out where it happens.

    Its still containing objects i used for debugging.

    Its still containing left over variables.

    I did the keyboard input the wrong way, but it works.

    The opening layout sux.


    Ashley take a look into it. Place the "out of timing" block where it logical belongs.

    In place of the "count & delete" block.

    You can make the controls layer visible in the "on layout start", first line,

    and exactly see what happens

    You will notice that it runs & will be finished dooing so, before the previous event is done.

    For the same reason i had to "countmach" against 12*x (12 24 48 ... ) blocks on a line.

    Question: is there an event that goes like "on previous event done" ? I can find it.

    Or is there a work-arround for that ? A lot of problems seem to have their origins in events needing the result of the previous event to be exact, but running before the previous event is done.


  • Question: is there an event that goes like "on previous event done" ?

    I don't understand... if you want a condition like this:

    + Condition

    -> Actions

    + On previous event done

    -> Actions 2

    This is equivalent to

    + Condition

    -> Actions

    -> Actions 2

    How is such a condition any use...?

  • To be short Ashley.

    When you make an event that moves objects based on a condition.

    And the Next event's condition should be true/false based on the just moved objects positions,

    then there is a big chance that the next event runs,

    before the objects are in place. Well big chance, 85% chance.

    So if you do.

    1. Event: On something false

    ________________action: move objects Y 40 down

    2. Event: On something true

    Condition: all objects with Y > 100

    ________________action: destroy those picked objects.

    The just moved objects will NOT be in the picked objects, because still moving, even when you jump them.

    I have no idea how to work arround this. Besides, Capture the true/false of the event. Use it as Flow-Control and Move up or down de second event in the sheet to seperate both events in time.

    This why i ask you, is there a sorta event available that says "wait till previous event is done with dooing its thing"


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  • I made you a little showcase.

    There can only be 9 objects on 1 line. And yet there get more counted.

    Maybe you have a logical explination (or anyone reading for that matter),

    that would be very nice.

    But i am afraid that here only a "Quantum theory aproach" gives an outcome.


    There is interferention because there are two events running at the same time.

    yeshhh ?


  • Now lets Do the Counting in a slower way.

    With colissions, and as u see .. its is still out of sync.

  • And with just moving the events arround ... to have a te biggest possible time in ticks between them,

    usaly solved the problem, as you can see here.

  • I see what you mean now TheInstance. I really don't know what to tell you, unless Ashley has an answer.

    One thing I did notice, was changing your "rand0m" int(random(2)+1) to just int(random(2)), got rid of counting beyond 9, but also got rid of the final row.

    So maybe there is something that was overlooked or just how Construct handles things.

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