What is it about OGG?

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  • Hey folks,

    I might not have read up enough, but I was just wondering, why is it so that OGG files cannot be used as sound/music resources for XAudio2? Just a little confused about it.. External usage of OGG files is possible, yet internal usage either just won't play anything, or it makes the IDE crash.

  • Why you must use OGG?

    MP3 is good...

  • For one, OGG is open. Also, OGG is smaller. Third, OGG Vorbis uses superior compression algorithms than MP3. Last but not least, it loops perfectly. It's just a better format overal.

    While MP3 and OGG are comparable, Construct actually wants you to use WAV files here and there. The best you can do in that case is using Microsoft's ADPCM codec, which is absolutely horrendous and unacceptable by today's standards.

    It also just confuses me that there is such limited and sometimes broken support for OGG in Construct, while proprietary formats like MP3 are supported.

    Maybe it sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm really just being a critic. I really love Construct

  • It's because XAudio2 uses two separate audio engines for playing sounds on channels and for playing music.

    Sound on channels uses a hand-written OGG loader which decompresses the OGG file to an XAudio2 buffer and plays it.

    Music uses Window's built-in Directshow for playing audio - it has built-in MP3 support, but guess what, no OGG - unless you install a Directshow decoder for OGG, in which case XAudio2 can play OGGs as music too.

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  • Ahh lookie Interesting.

    I actually hardly use the music function, I just load my OGG music file in a channel and play it.

    A question though. When you're autoplaying a resource, it uses the channel system, right? How come it isn't possible to use OGGs as a resource? It seems XAudio2 only wants WAV resources, since it won't play anything when you point to an OGG resource.

    On a sidenote, when you want to preview an OGG resource, Construct crashes

  • I guess they're bugs. Stick to playing OGG from file. Is there a tracker bug submitted for that?

  • I'll look for them there, and if I can't find them, I'll submit those bugs

    I think I'll stick to the external files too. It keeps the executable small and it's easier to manage the resources that way too But I was just wondering about it ^^

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