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  • can there be an offline help file

    i request to provide


  • I think this is a good idea too, but probably Construct is still so new that it would be outdated very quickly. For now it seems to make more sense to leave it all online so it can be updated easily and often.

    Edit: Although maybe it would make a lot of sense to put some sort of offline help feature that would walk the user through answers to a lot of common questions. Maybe like a FAQ. It would all be fairly basic, information that's already available online. But maybe it would reduce the number of times the admins have to encourage newbies to go through tutorials, etc.

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  • In the day and age of the online world I can't see how it'd be particularly useful, though there are obviously situations where people don't have internet access, so it isn't completely outdated to have an offline help file.

    It's a lot of work, however, and as stainsor pointed out it'd be out of date alot, whereas a wiki is very easily editable and maintained by several people.

    Probably after 1.0 we'll put together a collection of references and information, when most things are set in stone.

  • Maybe the list of keyboard shortcuts could also go in the offline help.

  • it would be better to have an offline help browser that you can use from within a window in construct, like the gimp. you could include the latest help files im each build but then you can just press update and it only replaces the files that have been changed. probably be really hard to do tho

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