ODE plugin for Construct 2.0

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  • Hi,

    ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) is an advanced free physics engine. Is this a good idea to make an ODE plugin for Construct 2.0?

    Box2D is nice, but simple. ODE can be used for more advanced tasks in a physics simulation.

  • ODE is a 3D phsyics engine, so I don't think it would run nearly as well as Box2D. That was one of the reason why they switched to Box2D from Newton.

    What particular features does ODE have that Box2D doesn't?

  • ODE can be used for 2D, in fact Game Maker (a 2D game editor) can use it with a DLL for 2D games, and I also used it by myself. So ODE can be used for 2D games too.

    Anyway ODE has nearly everything, like fluid simulation, and also the physics is way more precise, nicer and faster than Box2D.

    p.s.: http://www.ode.org/users.html

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  • Does it run multithreaded to take advantage of multicore CPUs? AFAIK Box2d doesn't and is losing out on a massive performance boost on top end machines these days because of it. I'd certainly consider a multithreaded physics engine.

  • No, ODE isn't multithreaded. But nVidia PhysX is based on multithreading, and also can be accelerated with nVidia physX capable video graphic cards. Otherwise the engine will use the CPU processing power, using multithreading obviously.


    It's the most advanced physics engine in the world by now, I think.

    Also note that is free for commercial and non-commercial use (just have to pay for the source code of the SDK, but the non-source code version (bin) is completely free).

  • physx currently works on only one platform though. I think it's best to wait it out a bit, there's a lot of movement down the multiplatform paralell computing right now, we should see solutions within next year.

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