Obligatory first post. Anyone use WME as well?

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  • Hey all. Just came across Scirra Construct and found it interesting. We are currently using Wintermute Engine for an adventure game, but wasn't able to find anyone on here who seemed to have used it. I know it takes a little while to get up to speed on this kind of software, but was curious what people thought about making an adventure in Construct.

    Any glaring pros or cons for commercial software? The big one I found so far, is no encrypted data files. We can't really pack everything into a 4 gigabyte exe file, and having all of the resources sitting in the directory unencrypted seems like a deal breaker...

    But other than that still interested. Maybe we will be able to contribute something useful back as well.

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  • I used to play around with WME a long while ago, wasn't really that impressed with it back then though.

    And yes having everything inside a single exe is a common complaint here. There's not a lot that we can do about it though.

    Edit: But I just asked Ashley and your exe worry isn't a worry, so don't worry, lol.

  • Exe worry isn't a worry? That can be interpreted many different ways.

  • Exe worry isn't a worry? That can be interpreted many different ways.

    You should come into chat, we're discussing this at the moment, lol. You might find it interesting.

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