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  • Hi there. 1st of all, great job devs, the application is very good. I've been playing around with it and one thing it misses is object sorting. 1st i can only select objects on a list in the Layer Bar, but ok, i get used to it. It's obvious that if we have many objects its easier sometimes to look for the object in a list. It would be nicer if there were sub-trees on the objects list. I explain. For the moment when look at object list it looks something like this :

    + Player

    + UI

    + Pistol

    + MachineGun

    + Enemy 1

    + Enemy 2

    + Enemy 3

    + Enemy 4

    + Monster

    It would be nicer if there could be something like this:

    + Player

    + UI

    + Enemys

    __ + Enemy 1

    __ + Enemy 2

    __ + Enemy 3

    __ + Enemy 4

    __ + Moster

    + Weapons

    __ + Pistol

    __ + MachineGun

    You get what i mean ? ( sorry bad english by the way, lool )And keep up the good job.

  • This would actually be pretty handy. I don't see any way that Construct could do it automatically, but the ability to create our own sections or folders in the object list and drag items into them would be useful.

  • I've missed this function too.

    construct could automaticly create a group for each family..

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  • it could but if there was one for every object type you'd have one for actives (sprites), and each extension, that would be silly. doing it manually, if it were possible, still seems like the better choice for those looking to organize their project...

  • Or you could have a list like:

    Name...........Object type............family


    player Shadow...Dropshadow......none


    And klick on the one you want it to sort by, like this: http://www.create-games.com/downloads.asp

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