When the object is invisible...

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  • ... that doesn't mean it is not clickable. I discovered that when I was getting activity when I clicked around randomly, then I realized that the 'invisible' menu was there and its buttons were registering clicks.

    I did a workaround by adding a condition check for 'is visible?", but well, shouldn't invisible stuff stop interacting with visible objects? Or is there a way to disable them altogether?

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  • there's a lot of utility in being able to interact with invisible objects.

    one option you could try is to destroy/create them as needed. i'm curious though -- is this the main menu? because it'd be better to do a main menu as a separate layout. and if it's a pause menu (or something similar that needs to not reset the game layout), i'd suggest using a modal layout (layout within a layout).

    edit: also i think this should be in help section

  • Main Menu is on a layer, that is then inherited across all layers (above base layers on other layouts). I've had issues with modal layouts.

    No worries, I fixed it all, one has to remember that invisible objects remain interactable! I thought I'd share this. If this does belong to help section, then I apologize. I wasn't sure at the time at posting.

    Think I'll go with destroying and creating; at least it'll keep the amount of objects minimal.

  • This is by design - changing an objects visibility does nothing more than stop drawing it. If you wanted an interactable invisible object, you'd be stuck if it automatically made them noninteractable.

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