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  • With the object bar thing, can you make it possible so that when you select an object on that it will be the same as selecting it on the layout. Since when you select an object on that side bar thing it won't come up on the animator tab, which would be really useful so you don't have to manually look for the object in your layout to click on it so you can change the animations.

  • Oh I guess this could go in "Feature requests"

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  • We have plans to expand the object bar significantly in future releases, so things like this are definitely on the agenda. In future the layer bar object list will be entirely moved to the object bar.

    (Moved post for you)

  • Going to bump this to receive some more requests for the Object Bar.

    It now shows the animations of objects when clicked, and supports dragging of objects into the frame (to create a new instance), and has the standard layout editor right click menu.

    Anything else?

  • Being able to sort and group objects would be nice. Like being able to create folders or collapsable tree nodes to put objects into.

    Along the same lines, perhaps these folders or nodes can have a toggle option to include/exclude the objects in them from the event sheet dialogues. Like, if you have a whole folder of background tiles that do nothing but sit there in the layout and you don't ever need to perform any actions on them, they wouldn't clutter things up when creating events.

    Pretty sure both of those have been requested before.

  • They have, good ideas. In large games it's definitely a good idea to sort objects, so I'll try add that soon.

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