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  • Node based event sheet editor for more visual workflow.

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  • What do you mean?

  • <img src="">

    <img src="">

  • plz no, i prefer the event sheets, i hate having to scroll horizontally, as well as vertically

  • I can't see the real benefit, it takes more space and takes longer to view, at least from those screenshots. I did briefly consider once upon a time - aka a long time ago - a flowchart editor, but it's definitely not as intuitive in most cases as the current editor.

  • It seems like a good idea to look at, but I think in reality, it would be impractical. If you have 100 events set up like that (which isn't all that many), you'd have a massive, sprawling, tangled mess, which you'd have to scroll for miles over.

  • Nodes are good for things like making procedural textures in Maya or something, not necessarily for code. I would much prefer the event system. It's more like a traditional block of code, only you don't have to worry about things like syntax and whatnot.

  • exactly, if you look at any programming language its set up so you scroll down and up, you organise your work so that its this way, even though you could make it a single extremely long line.

    this is probably why construct does it this way, its a tried and true method.

  • yeah, the unreal engine uses this

    I forgot what they called it

    but in practice, it's kind of annoying really

    I think it would be a super awesome way to create neural networks

    but, not games

  • i would also like construct to stay the way it is regarding this feature. i've had my fix of that nodey-linkey-paradigm with vvvv. it's pretty cool, maybe you can have a try at it, aritz; but it is just too alien a concept to fit into construct.

  • This is not a stupid request. I love node-based interfaces - if they're done right. Fusion if freakin fantastic in that regard and I'm pretty sure it could work for Construct as well and might even increase productivity.

    The problem I have with this is that it would be a huge architectural change and the current system isn't broken. It's just a different approach. And right now, there are other things to tackle - The biggest architectural change I'd like to see would be that we could deploy on different platforms, cause that would have the biggest direct effect on Construct.

  • The only time you would want to do this is when you want to go non modal.

    It might be useful as a sub-window for layouts, for assigning behaviors, families, etc.

    But I agree the event sheets need to remain linear.

  • That makes sense; being able to see an application top down would indeed be useful.

  • It have not benecesary a replacement for the current event sheet editor. It would be a tree style event sheet navigator or viewer. I think that the current system is very usefull, but when the projects are becoming biggers, it would be usefull to have a quick preview of the general "flow" of the project. And here you would select an event and highlight it in the current editor; basically, an explorer.

    Thomas: Yes, definetly Fusion is awesome. I think is like comparing After Effects and Fusion interfaces. For quick and "simple" composition, I am more comfortable with After Effects. It is based in layer concept. So, when you are making more and more layers and precompositions, it becomes a chaos. For larger projects with more people, Fusion is cleaner and more "readable". After Effect works in a linear mode, but it have too a node based explorer, not editor.

    dkdoom: I know this software. But this program is two "low level" node editor, I think. But a good reference.

    Interesting link to see Fusion interface in action:

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