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  • Okay, this is a minor one. I would like to see

    File -> New -> New template/example

    renamed to

    File -> New -> New from template/example

    From the perspective of a brand new user (I haven't used Construct for so long I'm having to relearn almost from scratch.) when I see "New template/example" as an option I think Oh, I don't want to create a new template/example. I think inserting the "from" would clarify what the command does.

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  • A few other UI tweaks I'd like to see and one for the installer:

    When clicking on objects in the Object bar it would be nice if we could rename the object with two slow clicks (similar to the way you can rename a folder/file in Windows by clicking its icon a second time).

    When entering properties in the properties bar such as X, Y, Width, Height ... it would be nice if hitting Enter took the cursor down to the next line and highlighted it. For example, in the GhostShooter tutorial you set the background to X=0, Y=0, Width=1200, Height=1200. It would be nice if this could be accomplished with by typing "0 <Enter> 0 <Enter> 1200 <Enter> 1200 <Enter>".

    It would be nice to have a note in the installer that says something like this:

    [quote:q86hlgaf]Installation of Construct is complete. Installer will continue to allow you to install two required elements for Construct:

    1) Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable

    2) Microsoft DirectX

    If you have previously Construct on this machine you may skip the installation of these two elements.

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