The new physics engine broke my space simulator

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  • If anyone remembers a while back, I tried to make a 2D space sim game using the physics engine. Back before this update it worked extremely well and moved very fluidly.

    Well anyway, it doesn't work anymore. The new physics broke it. Now my ship moves really really slowly and is unable to rotate itself anymore.

    Here is the latest .cap I have of it (before I kind of stopped working on it):

    Is there anything I need to change it get it back to the way it was before? Or is this new physics engine broken or just not compatible with what I'm trying to do anymore?

    I mean, I don't know why but it seems like adding torque doesn't work the same way it did before (or even work at all for that matter). And I'm sure there's a lot more things that are different than that, but overall it doesn't seem to be working quite the same way with any of the projects I've made before.

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  • The torque bug was simply a case of me forgetting to add it However the force one left me baffelled...until just now!

    When I feed the mass into newton, it means the mass for the whole object...but box2d's mass is a density per unit...and I was feeding it mass * width * height...and that leads to all types of problems!

    Damn...perhaps if it wasn't for this thread i'd not have realised this!

    Edit: Okay the new changes I've made make it run like it did before

  • I also think that Set Velocity doesnt work anymore, I used to use Set Velocity (6,Sprite[Physics].VelocityY) to move my ball object right and Set Velocity (-6, Sprite[Physics].VelocityY) to move my ball object left, but now it doesn't move at all

    I know this is kinda hijacking the thread, but its not worth making a new one for, sorry machrider

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